European Seed recognises Germinal’s Net Zero efforts

Thursday 02.06.2022 , News

Germinal is proud to be selected among European Seed’s 20 Most Climate Friendly Companies Over 2021.

Aiming for Net Zero by 2040

Germinal is a forward-thinking company and is proud to be recognised for breeding grass and forage seed that helps the global agriculture industry become more sustainable.

We helped establish the Net Zero from Productive Grassland Partnership (NZPGP) in 2021 with key stakeholders from the UK agricultural supply chain.

Germinal believes food production can be more sustainable by improving grassland management and soil health, livestock nutrient use efficiency and emissions, and agri-food and bio-fuel systems.

Among our net-zero ambitions across our Germinal businesses, we are aiming to be net-zero by 2040 while achieving an interim decrease of 66% from our 1990 carbon levels by 2030.

Alongside this, we continue to provide innovative food and farming solutions to help our New Zealand farmers reduce their emissions, as well as highlighting these solutions at a government level.

Daily emission reductions

Alongside our climate-smart products, including our Aber High Sugar Grass range, Germinal has invested in several long-term changes to reduce our carbon footprint every day.

Our Germinal GB team is introducing a fleet of hybrid cars for our technical experts and investing in electric forklift trucks for our warehouses.

We have also established recycling points across our facilities, while waste management systems are routinely reviewed.

While packaging remains an issue for many companies, Germinal has already ensured that our packaging is made of recycled materials.

Regarding energy consumption, we have installed state-of-the-art solar panels on our GB and Ireland warehouses to further boost our sustainability efforts, and we are looking to follow suit in New Zealand

Further changes on the horizon

In the future, we want to reduce and eventually end our use of printed materials. Germinal also intends to add to our existing solar panels by installing more power generation technology across our facilities.

We believe in proactively addressing climate change and will continue to increase our efforts to exceed net-zero targets and make a lasting difference for future generations.

Germinal Horizon remains committed to research and innovation that provides farmers with climate-smart solutions supporting productive and profitable farming.

Aber HSG Case Study: Scott McKenzie

South Otago farmer Scott McKenzie planted his first paddock of Germinal's Aber High Sugar Grass in 2005 – 15 years later the pasture is persisting.